Wei Deng


Mr. Deng oversees the negotiation, structuring and execution of Century Bridge's investments in China.

Mr. Deng was born and raised in China and has over two decades of professional experience spanning operating companies, investment banking and private equity, with a focus on real estate. Over his career, he has established an extensive business network in China and has valuable experience managing and reconciling the cross-culture challenges in executing highly complex transactions in China.

Prior to joining Century Bridge, Mr. Deng was a Chief Representative at The Carlyle Group, where he focused on equity investment opportunities in China's real estate market and was responsible for sourcing, negotiating and structuring deals, as well as post-investment management and exit execution. While at The Carlyle Group, Mr. Deng made direct investments across all property types, including residential, office, retail, and industrial. In addition, he made entity level investments in privately held Chinese real estate operating companies.

Prior to joining The Carlyle Group in 2005, Mr. Deng was a Vice President at Merrill Lynch in Beijing, where he worked in the Global Principal Investment & Secured Financing group. While at Merrill Lynch, Mr. Deng focused primarily on equity and debt investment opportunities in China's real estate market.

Before joining Merrill Lynch in 2003, Mr. Deng was a Principal at H&Q Asia Pacific Investment Co., a leading Asian private equity firm currently managing over $2.0 billion in committed capital. While at H&Q, Mr. Deng focused primarily on real estate investments in China, supervising and monitoring company operations at the board level.

In addition to his career in private equity and investment banking, Mr. Deng has held numerous positions at AT&T and MCI WorldCom in the U.S., primarily as a product manager.

Mr. Deng earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Finance from Tsinghua University in 1985, a Masters degree in Economics from the State University of New York in 1991, and a Masters degree in Engineering and Public Policy (focusing on telecommunications technologies and regulations) from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1993.